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(Minish Cap Collection) Full Lava Tiles

Creator: Anthus Added: 15 Jan 2016 Downloads: 52
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (3 ratings)
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Tags: 16-color, Collection, Decoration, Dungeon, Ripped, Pure_Tileset, Dance_of_Remembrance, Lava

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Minish Cap Lava Ripped by Anthus.
  • There is a visual guide on setting up these tiles (MC_LavaSetup). Rip the tiles from the other file, MC_LavaRip. There are two other images as well: MC_LavaPalette shows you the palette. You can rip the palette from this, or from MC_LavaRip. MC_LavaFog can be ripped into Pure/ DoR's cset 11. It uses three grays. Place this on a transparent layer above the Lava, and preferably above Link/ enemies for a cool effect.
  • For the bubbles, I like to put them on a page by themselves, and use the same frames starting from different blank tiles to create multiple timed bubbles from the same tiles.
  • There are no lava borders. Most tilsets include these anyway, or have something that can be layered over them. The reason was, it woudld have made the palette too large for one c-set, and therefore made these a lot less practical.
  • I hope you enjoy these, thanks for downloading. :) Ripped from a ROM on VBA using the built in tile, and map viewers. I used GraphicsGale, and MS pain to put them sheets together. These are original property of Nintendo ©.
  • You might have to replace the 'background' on the bubbles with a transparent color in ZQ. Not too hard though.
There is a small example quest with the tiles set up if you need more help setting them up. Enjoy :)
Nintendo/ Capcom, PureZC, and the creators of VirtualBoy Advance.