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[Koten] Koten Advanced Pack

Creator: DragonDePlatino Added: 21 Mar 2015 Downloads: 176
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.6/5 (4 ratings)
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Tags: 16-color, Collection, Decoration, Dungeon, Greenery, Ground, Interior, Lava, Original, Overworld, Sideview, Structure, Walls, Water

About Reviews

Since I decided to not go forward with Koten Advanced (an expansion of Koten) I will be uploading all of the tiles I drew for the project.

Here is an enormous pack of tiles that would've been included in Koten Advanced had I released it. I discarded many tiles while working on the the tileset, but I tried my best to include every version of every tile I ever created for the tileset. The animated water and lava tiles are missing from this, but have been uploaded in a separate Loose Tiles entry.

Many of the tiles shown here are already in Koten, but for the sake of neatness I have included them to keep everything aligned. Also, keep in mind some of these tiles have 2-frame animations, like many of the gimmick combos on the far right. Don't set up those combos like they're shown, animate them!