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[Koten] Water, Lava and Pits

Creator: DragonDePlatino Added: 21 Mar 2015 Downloads: 94
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Tags: 16-color, Collection, Ground, Lava, Original, Overworld, Water

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Since I decided to not go forward with Koten Advanced (an expansion of Koten) I will be uploading all of the tiles I drew for the project.

Here are a series of animated pits. The water and lava pits all have four frames, while the bottomless pits are unanimated. You'll have to do some manual rearranging to get these into ZQuest, but since they're set up vertically it should be easy to tell what everything is.

The brightly-colored water tiles are shallow, and the darker ones are deep. The circle tiles in the upper right are transitions between these two depths, but there's isn't anything special about the different lava and pits. The spikes in the lower right should be put inside pits, and you can build your own lava tiles by using the layers I provided.

If you enjoy these tiles, please leave a review below so more people can see these!