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"The New Age" Tileset Preview

Creator: NoeL Updated: 04 Apr 2017 Downloads: 130
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.72/5 (31 ratings)
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Tags: 16-color, Dungeon, Greenery, Ground, Interior, Misc, Mountains, Original, Overworld, Sprite, Structure, Walls

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A while back I released some tiles called "The New Age Tiles Preview" or something like that, but I found them to be to realistic for my quest (if you're into realism check em out ;)).

This is my second attempt, and as you can see I've gone for a more cartoony look this time (I think playing WW for a bit gave me the idea). There's a couple of pages of tiles so I'm going to submit them as a ZGP (even though I'm probably not supposed to :sorry: ). They've got some OW tiles, Lost Woods, Death Mountain (interior), Hyrule Castle Town, and beneath the well.

You're probably thinking "Hang on, those are all in OOT!". That's because OOT is my favorite Zelda and this quest is based 15 years after that (I've got a story posted in the forum, check it out!).

This new update contains more dungeon tiles and some sprite tiles... good stuff. also, the Gerudo palace walls will eventually be marble and the floor will be shiny and reflective.
This is all me baby! I've custom drawn ALL the tiles in the tileset, and if anyone says otherwise... > :D Let that be a lesson to ya!

Oh, and credits to Darklink 813 for the title "The New Age."

That's all.

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