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Creator: DragonDePlatino Updated: 09 Mar 2014 Downloads: 91
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100% Custom.

Seeing as the community is in desperate need of some new GBC-styled NPCs, I decided to take the liberty of making some more! I mean...don't you find it at least a LITTLE irritating that people seem to use that same Hyrule soldier tile OVER AND OVER again?

The tiles of this sheet are organized with small humans first, then small non-humans, then large humans, then large non-humans. Most of the small sprites have 4-frame animation and all of the large ones have 2-frame animation. I really didn't want to take up too much room in people's tile pages, so I took the liberty of reducing the frames of the larger sprites. In order, we have:

Evil Old Man
Crazy Tooth Guy
Hyrulean Dragoon and Bowoman
Deku Guard

Later, I plan make a cowboy, athletic guy, lute playing guy, panflute playing girl, floating monk, mountain vlimber, wind-up robot, bow-stringer, piano player, Bulbin, Light Spirits, executioner, Cobble, Fishmen, Garo, Koriki, Korok, Lokomo, Minish, Mogma, Parella, Watarara, Ho Ho Tribe, Sheikah, Twili, Wind Tribe, Yeti, Twilii, Yook, Zuna, Loftwing, Dark Tribe, Remlit, Ancient Robots and Kafei. If you want me to make any NPCs not listed there, go ahead and ask me in the comments.

If anyone makes any edits or recolors for this, show them to me so I can add them to this download.

==UPDATE 3/25/13==
- Changed palette to CSet2 to make grabbing easier.
- Added Armorsmith, Goon Hunters and Anouki.

==UPDATE 3/08/14==
- One year later, I've revisited this and touched everything up.
- Added a Cset 01 preview.
- Added two Kikwis.