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[EZGBZ] Join

Creator: DragonDePlatino Updated: 09 Mar 2014 Downloads: 43
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Tags: Character, Original, Player, Sprite

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100% Custom.

The protagonist of my now-abandoned(?) quest, "Ziggurat of Elitze". Join is a thief who lived for many years deep in a mountain range just behind Lost Woods (The ALttP one). He's a very greedy person, and will often set his mind on getting something without thinking of the consequences he will have to go through to attain his goal. He lives in a run-down house, and near the beginning of ZoE he leaves for the country Elitze so he can raid the incredibly famous Ziggurat, full of treasure. His primary weapon is a throwing axe and his secondary items are the leap gauntlets (Roc's feather). At the beginning of Ziggurat of Elitze, he gains these very soon, at the expense of only having 1 starting heart container. His partner in crime and bandwagon driver is Phillip.

These tiles utilize BS-style animation, so keep that in mind. In the lower right is a reference picture in case you want to make any more sprites of this guy, such as the missing swimming sprites.

If anyone makes any edits or recolors for this, show them to me so I can add them to this download.

==UPDATE 3/25/13==
- Changed palette to CSet2 to make grabbing easier.

==UPDATE 3/08/14==
- One year later, I've revisited this and touched everything up.
- Added a Cset 01 preview.
- Sideview swimming sprites.