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[EZGBZ] Items

Creator: DragonDePlatino Updated: 09 Mar 2014 Downloads: 46
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Tags: Item, Original, Sprite, Weapon

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100% Custom.

Some item sprites made for my now-abandoned(?) quest "Ziggurat of Elitze". As with many other things, ZoE would feature tons of new enemy and item designs which make good use of the default item editor. In order, we have the L1 Iron Axe, the L2 Silver Axe, the L3 Fire Axe, the L4 Illusion Axe (double animation speed), the Fertility Staff and Fertility Staff beam. Keep in mind that the L1 Axe uses CSet 10, L2 Axe uses CSet 11, L3 uses CSet 6 and the rest of the items use CSet 1. Feel free to do anything you'd like with these, but keep in mind they were originally intended to be throwing axes, so don't blame me if your animations turn out funny. Oh, and the axes originally used arrows as their item. And of course, you need the bow! I retextured the bows to be handles, so you can overlay the handles over the axes in your subscreen to simulate having different throwing speeds.

If anyone makes any edits or recolors for this, show them to me so I can add them to this download.

==UPDATE 3/25/13==
- Changed palette to CSet2 to make grabbing easier.
- Added 4 artifacts of different worths (1, 5, 10, 20) which are used in Ziggurat of Elitze.

==UPDATE 3/08/14==
- Added a Cset 01 preview.