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Bomb, Bomchu and Arrow Ammo

Creator: Bourkification Added: 03 Jan 2009 Downloads: 147
Rating[?]: Rating: 3.83/5 (5 ratings)
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Tags: 16-color, Item, Original, Sprite, Weapon

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This lot of loose tiles is a compilation of my new 'Bombchu' tiles, along with ammo and bags/quivers. They are for DoR, with the CSet they used names beside the items for ease.
In order of appearance:
-Small, medium and large Bomb bags. (Edits of the Minish Cap bag)
-Ammo for Bombs. (MC bombs)
-Bombchu sprites. (Custom, inspired by Phantom Hourglass)
-Small, medium and large Bombchu bags. (Inspired by PH)
-Ammo for Bomchus. (Custom)
-Small, medium and large Quivers. (Edits of DoR Quivers)
-Ammo for Arrows. (MC arrows)
Radien for DoR,
Zebra Stallion for Requesting Bombchus,
zeldafanboy2008 for requesting Quivers.