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Wheel of Fortune/Death

Creator: Alucard648 Updated: 14 Jan 2022 Tags: FFC Downloads: 4
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Roulette wheel. Step on FFC and press EX1 to spin it. You need to meet counter requirements to do this. Roulette itself is d360 and does not do anything, only set it`s InitD[7] to result angle. While roulette is spinning, InitD[7] is set to -1. You need other scripts that can read FFC`s InitD[7] to determine and resolve various events depending on wheel spin result.

Roulette wheel event resolver. Has up 4 events, one of them can happen after spinning the wheel.

Roulette wheel combination lock. Keep spinning wheel until it lands on correct angle or within tolerance sector to open secrets.

Update 15.01.2022
- FFC`s combo now changes to next in list until roulette wheel finishes spinning, then changes back.
- Counter cost can be subtracted per spin. See setup instructions.