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Another GB Shield Script

Creator: Demonlink Added: 13 Jul 2021 Tags: 2.55, Global, Item Downloads: 9
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The script has been heavily modified by me, but kudos go to Elmensajero, this was originally written by him way back in 2008. This version is based off another I made personally for my ongoing project, but I said heck, I'll make it public anyway in case things go wrong again. :P

Like the title states, it's a script that's quite similar to the shield item from the Gameboy Zeldas. Link can strafe and hold the shield in the direction he's facing while the button that the shield is assigned to is pressed.

Two versions exist, one for 2.55 and another for 2.50. Both behave exactly the same. (Although the X and Y buttons are still buggy as of the latest 2.55 Alpha 92 build).