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Active Rings

Creator: Bagu Added: 16 Feb 2020 Tags: 2.55, Item
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This code is written for 2.55

It will only work, if you enable the following function in your qst file.
"Item Scripts Continue To Run"
(ZScript -> Quest Script Settings -> Item Scripts Continue To Run)

The Script is made to create active "B" Button ring items, by using dummy rings.
You can have selectable rings with duration, costs, activate and deactivate sounds.
1. it adds a variable item (rings in this case) to the inventory silently
2. plays a variable sfx to proof that ring effects are active.
3. removes rings, after variable time (in frames)
4. plays a second sfx when the (true) ring is removed again and effects are over.
I made a new version of the script (including regeneration time)