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Creator: venrob Added: 05 Dec 2019 Tags: 2.55, Library, Misc Downloads: 12
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Allows you to create credits, line-by-line, by calling functions to add text. It will draw these out to a bitmap with proper spacing, even resizing the bitmap as needed (which WILL change the bitmap pointer, presently!).
You can get the bitmap pointer it uses with a function, should you wish to perform custom draws on it to fancify your credits; but no help is provided in this. All that is provided is simple adding of lines of text (of whatever font, either left/center/right aligned, whatever font color, etc).
Includes a function 'rollCredits(int scrollSpeed)', which will scroll the credits across the screen, starting at the bottom.

A fairly basic header, but useful for those without experience in custom draws in creating credits.

05 Dec, 2019 - V1.0 Release