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Power Bracelet (Liftable)

Creator: venrob Updated: 02 Nov 2019 Tags: 2.55, Weapon, Item Downloads: 7
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  • Spawn items:
    • Either under the object when you lift it, or falls out of it when you break it; configurable per-combo
    • Either from a dropset, or pre-set items
    • Either every time, or as a "Special Item"; i.e. Heart Piece under a rock. This mode will set Screen->State[ST_SPECIALITEM] when you pick it up, so no other special item can be on the same screen.
  • Hurt enemies:
    • Deal damage with the thrown object; amount configurable per-combo
  • Carry across screen borders (toggle-able per-bracelet item)
  • Carry in water (toggle-able per-bracelet item)
  • Drop what you are holding when hit (toggle-able per-bracelet item)
  • GFX/SFX:
    • Use a "Weapons/Misc" sprite upon the object breaking (configurable per-combo)
    • Play an SFX when it breaks (configurable per-combo)
    • Undercombo- either use the screen's undercombo, or use the next combo in the list (toggle-able per combo)
  • Limitation: Only combos on layer 0 can be lifted at this time. Lifting for layers 1 and 2 is planned for a future version, but this will require some ZC features that do not yet exist.
Minimum ZC version: 2.55 Alpha 40

Credit to ywkls for inspiration/idea (and 'ComboInFront(int dir)'), and to Moosh for 'scrollingDraws.zh', which I modified for this.
02-Nov-19 - V1.0 uploaded
03-Nov-19 - V1.01 - Lift/Throw SFX (d6/d7) added

DISCLAIMER: If you encounter any issues with using this script, PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW SO I CAN FIX IT.