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Newbie Boss

Creator: Moosh Updated: 29 Jun 2020 Tags: Enemy, FFC Downloads: 117
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.75/5 (7 ratings)
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This is a ghosted enemy that's designed with customization in mind. I may update it in the future with more attacks and movement behaviors that people suggest.

Update 4/13/18: Minor update. I fixed some basic ghost settings that should've been enabled from the start. Enemies can now be stunned. I also added a flag for enabling knockback.
Update 8/17/19: A small update where I was going to just take the file back from Avataro and fix some things actually turned into a bit of a big update.
  • All attacks now have a global delay with attack animations of varying length. Hopefully there'll be no more getting hit by attacks you couldn't see coming at point blank.
  • A few attacks have been rebalanced and nerfed to be more reasonable.
  • laser.zh is no longer required and laser hitboxes should hopefully be improved overall. No more big laser phantom hitting you with the back end.
  • You can now shave up to 15 pixels off the edges of an enemy's hitbox with Attribute 5
  • New animations for teleports and custom death explosions
  • New attacks, movement types, and a new flag
Update 9/16/19: Another big one here. I added a ton of new attacks and new types of attacks, now the script has 70 of them. I've decided to stop fussing so much over organization of the thing so much.
  • Rebalances to some attacks suggested by Avataro
  • Updates to a couple movement styles (Hopping, Teleporting, and Hopping Fast) to make them more customizable
  • A new flag, for preventing stun
  • Flying enemies now have Fake Z and shadows
  • Two new special attack types: Constant and Transform
  • A bunch of new attacks
  • Weapon rotation is now no longer based on weapon type when a custom sprite is set. My apologies for any inconvenience this causes.
Update 2/24/20: Very small update. Just fixed a bug with the EZB_DONT_REPEAT_LAST_ATTACK setting when an enemy only has one attack.
Update 6/29/20: Another sizeable update. The focus this time is extra FFC scripts that can be used to give enemies more attacks and customization. A lot of stuff has changed so make sure to keep backups in case some of your enemies break.
  • A new alternate setting for how lasers will appear
  • Reworked attack and transformation selection
  • The ability to give bosses >3 attacks
  • The ability to give bosses more than one transformable form. Transformations no longer have to be sequential
  • The ability to recolor lasers and shockwaves per enemy
  • The ability to have an enemy transform on death
  • One new special attack type: Speed Up
  • A new flag that makes enemies' attacks happen in a fixed sequence