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OOT/Majora's Ocarina

Creator: venrob Added: 31 Jul 2018 Tags: FFC, Global, Item, Misc
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NOTE: The Test Quest is too large to upload to PureZC. It is available HERE. It uses version 1.1, which is now outdated, though it should still work as an example quest to show you how mostly everything works. The only difference is that instead of setting an SFX id for a SONGSOUND_ variable you are setting a MIDI id for a SONGMIDI_ variable.
Use an item with the Ocarina item script to enter "Playing Mode", wherein A, Down, Right, Left, and Up become music note buttons. Pressing B, playing a valid song, or reaching 8 notes without a valid song will all exit playing mode. While playing, Link is invincible.

SFX will be played when the notes are played, and unique MIDI will be played for each song- you must include your own SFX/MIDIs for this. By default, the notes use SFX 200-204. Songs have no default MIDI number, you must set them. The Scarecrow's Song does not play a MIDI as it is configured by the player, and as such you cannot know what notes it would use.

Includes a script for learning songs, a script for having songs activate secrets, a script allowing the player to create their own Scarecrow's song as you would in the original games, a sample global script which should work fine out of the box if you don't need to combine it with another, and the Ocarina item script.

This script will have the functionality of playing songs to trigger secrets without any modification, though it is set up to be easily modified to do extra things when you play a song. For example, if you are using a Day/Night cycle script, maybe the Sun's Song or Song of Double Time could change the Day/Night state or something such as that. You can customize it however you want, limited only by how well you can script the functionality you want to add.

v1.1 - Added text when you learn a song, fixed several very specific bugs. Added Test Quest file.
v1.2 - Changed songs from using SFX to using MIDIs, because 43GB quest files aren't fun.