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Cutscene Trigger

Creator: Moosh Added: 15 May 2018 Tags: FFC Downloads: 23
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This script is meant to be used alongside non-scripted cutscenes to smooth over the entrance into them and hopefully make setting up one time events a little simpler. The cutscenes themselves you'll still have to make, of course. ;)

Features of the script:
  • Multiple one time trigger cutscenes on a single screen
  • Cutscenes that trigger if Link has an item
  • Cutscenes that trigger based on screen secrets or other things that change a combo flag
  • Walking Link to where he'll be at the start of the cutscene
  • A debug setting that draws cutscene trigger hitboxes to the screen

I've also included some small FFC scripts that I found helpful in making cutscenes for the test quest.