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Solid FFCs/Sideview Moving Platforms

Creator: Moosh Updated: 16 Feb 2019 Tags: FFC, Global Downloads: 25
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Update 4/30/18: Turns out I overcompensated for the script's utility in sideview. They were killing Link's jump when he hits a "ceiling" in top-down. This has been fixed. I also fixed a bug where walking into the FFC could prevent it from crushing you.
Update 2/15/19: Added jump-through platforms. Restructured some stuff to allow for additional flags in the future. This may require changing your FFC setups if you were using enemy pushing.

This is a global script which adds solid FFCs which can also function as moving platforms in sideview.

Included with it are some FFC scripts for the following types of moving platforms:
  • A moving platform that follows changers and FFC behavior. Can be used for a regular solid FFC in top-down.
  • A moving platform that travels in a circular motion.
  • A moving platform that only starts moving when Link steps on it.