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Advanced Floor Switches Pack

Creator: Moosh Updated: 29 Apr 2018 Tags: FFC Downloads: 44
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (3 ratings)
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Update 4/30/18: Finally added pressure switches that don't react to Link, so you can create block puzzles without an isolated switch to confirm the solution. I don't know why this wasn't in from the start.

The types of switches included:

Secret Switch:
Triggers secrets when stepped on. Can be permanent or temporary. Multiple switches with different IDs can be used to save a permanent tiered secret.

Remote Switch:
Triggers pseudeosecrets on a remote section of the screen. Secrets can be reset when pressure is released or be permanent.

Hit All Switch:
Makes all combos of a certain ID on a screen behave as switches that must all be hit to trigger a secret. Can trigger normal or remote screen secrets. Can be pressure triggered or permanent.

Trap Switch:
Drops enemies from the ceiling when stepped on.

Sequential Switch:
A puzzle where a group of switches need to be stepped on in a certain order to trigger a secret.