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Ex1-4 Wand Item

Creator: TheLink Added: 11 Jul 2017 Tags: Global, Item
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When I couldn't script, I wished there was a scripted item that allowed you to shoot stuff using the Ex1-4 buttons and at the time there weren't and now I couldn't find any. So, now I made one, due o the fact that I recently learnt scripting.

The script allows you to press the Ex1, Ex2, Ex3, Ex4 buttons to shoot different projectiles (some just stay where link is, e.g. explosions or bait). You must first pick up a specified item for this to happen. A noise is also made upon the shooting of the projectile.

Bear in mind that this is my first script and there are many ways in which it could be made more user-firendly/better. If there is a change you require, ask me and I may be able to do so, but I may not, due to limited knowledge of scripting.