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Moosh's Pit Script

Creator: Moosh Updated: 24 Apr 2018 Tags: FFC, Global Downloads: 146
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.6/5 (4 ratings)
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After watching Mero's pit script bug out spectacularly for the umpteenth time, I finally decided to get off my butt and make my own. Pit scripts seem to have a history of being buggy and terrible, and I can't really promise this one will turn out any differently, but at least I should be able to address the problems as they come. Better to be patching up my own broken code than somebody else's.

Immediate "Mistakes were made" update: Almost forgot to make pits interact with FFCs. Whoops!
Update 4/13/17: Fixed a bug where DMap offsets would make the pits dump Link at the last safe spot instead of the entrance. Also made pits interact properly when dropping Link into a sideview screen.
Update 5/26/17: Fixed a bug where I forgot to make the pits interact with the hookshot. Yes, seriously. It took this long for me to find out.
Update 10/11/17: Added a function, MooshPit_ResetEntry(), that lets other scripts update the return point.
Update 10/25/17: Fixed a bug where Link would collect items south of a pit while falling. Added a setting to prevent falling sprite snapping to the grid.
Update 4/24/18: Fixed the pit hitboxes. Yeah, those were broken this whole time somehow and nobody even noticed. Also added some basic (optional) slidey pit behavior.
Update 2/21/19: You fellas ever forget the raft exists? Me too. Plenty of people who used this script too. How did it take me this long to add a check for rafting?
Update 6/7/19: Added a fix for respawning on top of stairs and an experimental feature to stun enemies while falling