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Armos Knights

Creator: Saffith Updated: 26 Apr 2014 Tags: Enemy, FFC Downloads: 101
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Import tiles and set up a combo, which should be the top-left corner of the knight.

Set up an enemy as follows:
Type: Other
Attribute 1: Number of knights
- Minimum: 1
- Maximum: 6
- Default: 6
Attribute 2: Second CSet
- When only one knight is left, it will change to this CSet
Attribute 3: Stomping sound
- This sound will play whenever a knight hits the ground
Attribute 4: Jumping sound
- This sound will play when the remaining knight jumps in the second part of the battle
Attribute 5: Rumble sound
- This sound will play as the knights first come to life
Attribute 6: Death animation
- 0: None
- 1: Explode
- 2: Flash and explode
- Future versions of ghost.zh will add more animations
Attribute 11: Armost Knight combo
Attribute 12: Script slot

Only one copy of the enemy should be placed on the screen. It will spawn the others automatically.

The number of FFCs used will be equal to the number of knights plus one. If there aren't that many FFCs available, fewer knights will be created.

Requires ghost.zh, std.zh, and string.zh.
Tiles are here.
Sounds can be found here. In LttP, the Armos Knights use these sounds:
- Starting up (attribute 5): LTTP_Quake_Double_Stereo
- Stomping (attribute 3): LTTP_Door_Close
- Jumping (attribute 4): LTTP_Link_Jump