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GB Compass Beep

Creator: Demonlink Updated: 19 Apr 2015 Tags: FFC, Item, Misc Downloads: 76
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.6/5 (4 ratings)
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Update April 19th 2015: Fixed a huge bug found by Nightmare in Version A of the script. Should be working

A simple script that works similar to that of the compass from the GB Zelda Series. (I never knew why this hasn't been uploaded, so I took the time to do so :) ).

Version A (Demonlink): My version is useful if you would prefer a "plug and play" script rather than editing each D# argument one by one. Also pretty useful in rooms where you only have one item or one chest. This script shall run only if none of the following actions have been done:
a) Item/Special item has been collected.
b) Any type of treasure chest has been opened.

Version B (Nyrox): Uses D0 - D4. This one is useful for having an item and special item inside a same room.
a) Depending on the Argument settings, it will check if the condition is met.
b) If so, it will play the sound.

MoscowModder (Basing it on his original one)
Nyrox (Modifying the original script)
Nightmare (Finding that one major bug)