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Pegasus Boots

Creator: justin Added: 09 Jan 2015 Tags: Global, Item Downloads: 179
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Building off the original script by Joe123, and the edits done by Zepinho to make it work in current versions (and add the dashSword stuff).
Original version here: https://www.purezc.ne...showtopic=38916

This was a big overhaul of the script.
- now draws dust cloud and dashSword while scrolling
- can dash into drownable water and drown or swim (if you have flippers)
- works with non-diagonal movement
- dashSword is the current sword you're using, not the standard wooden sword sprite
- dashSword damage is customizable.
- more slashable combo types added, with easy ability to add/modify
- modification of script to make it easier to work together with other scripts
- lots more bugfixing
- better documentation

Update: removed redundant function

Update Jan 22,2016: fixed issue where Pegasus dash would run through solid combos on Layers 1 and 2. Now solidity is respected.