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stdArguments.zh v6.9.9

For those not aware, stdArguments.zh is a method library, for utilising float values to assign values dynamically. This is primarily useful when making items, or FFCs, that have quite a bit of shared code, or for scripts that may be used by people in many applications, where constants aren't the best solution.

The trade-off, is that the naming conventions that I used for this, are tedious.

For more information, please read the stdArguments.zh entry in the old script database.

I will eventually decide on naming conventions, update this to v7, and move all of the old functions into backward-compatibility sub-libraries that the user may import, or choose not to import. For the present, this may be required for some of my code, with (optimally) full-backward-compatibility.

If it breaks anything, the v6.9 release will remain in the old script DB for you to use, until the end of time.