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Automated Weapon or Item (Auto-Fire)

Creator: ZoriaRPG Updated: 06 May 2017 Tags: Global, Item Downloads: 43
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Update, v2.1: I fixed issues with the last update from 2015, and I reduced all the global vars down to one array, with accessors. I further cleaned up the code a bit, and I modified the item to allow setting the repeating item and timer values from the item that enables them.

This set of functions permits the use of items that have hardcoded effects, called in an automatic manner. While this demo uses a self-shooting arrow, you can also do similar things with any item that the player has, and by varying the conditions, cause hardcoded effects created by items (e.g. Din's Fire) to occur without the player actually using the item.

The main drawback is that for a brief instant, the item that you are activating is visibly shifted into the B-button slot, and then, the item that was previously there is restored.