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Link's Getaway

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Creator: Einsiety Genre: Miniquest Added: 02 Mar 2023 Updated: 02 Mar 2023 ZC Version: 2.55 Downloads: 59 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating) Download Quest
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NOTE: I assume the quest works just fine in the latest version of ZC, but the build of 2.55 this was made in was the December 23rd Build. If you are having bugs, here's the link to that.

This was a quest made for ZC Land's Secret Santa event, with this entry being made for Zaxarone. Nothing is changed about the entry for the database release, outside of the inclusion of my name in the credits (as in the contest, we were supposed to keep who made what entry a secret.).

This quest can be enjoyed without knowing much about Zaxarone, even despite the inclusion of a couple of inside jokes. I just wanted to make something cool for everyone to enjoy.

Quest difficulty is low, so if you want something short and relaxing, feel free to give this a shot.
After a traumatic event in his last adventure, Link is encouraged by Zelda to take a vacation to a far off village known as "Getaway Village". The people welcome Link with open arms, and the Mayor invites Link to their Christmas party. Initially hesitant, as Hylians typically don't celebrate Christmas, he eventually agrees to come along. Every night on the way to Christmas, however, he has nightmares about what occurred in his last adventure. He decides to rest once more after ordering a pizza. Surely the Christmas Party should make him feel better....
Tips & Cheats
N/A You'll be fine. :)

Quest is Unpassworded, as I've been unpassword-pilled. Level 4 cheat is probably 4 (I forgot what it was. You shouldn't need it anyhow, the difficulty is low.).
- Zaxarone, for being the target of the project.
- The people over at ZC Land (Jenny, Shane, everyone else) for keeping me motivated to work on the project, as well as hosting the Secret Santa event.
- Moosh for the cutscene scripts being the most useful thing ever?
- MIDIs gotten from VGMusic (Specific songs listed in the games credits).