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Twin Traditions

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Creator: Bagel Meister Genre: Miniquest Added: 29 Jan 2023 Updated: 23 Mar 2023 ZC Version: 2.55 Downloads: 98 Rating[?]: Download Quest
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In line with most of the original contest rules, this quest is designed around the number 2:
- 2 playable characters, who can be switched between at any time.
- 2 maps of space, split across 3 dungeons, an 8x8 overworld, and various caves.
- 2 usable items unique to each character, for a total of 4 items.
- 2 combo attacks which use 1 item from each character at once.
- 2 boss fights to overcome!

When playing, make sure all the music (.spc files) are in the same folder as the quest itself. The scripts folder doesn't need to be anywhere though, that's just for looking at if you're interested.


- Fixed graphical errors caused by leaving dungeon map open for a while.
- Game saves after beating each dungeon.
- Minor rebalancing of dungeon layouts.

- Collecting health at full health gives it to other brother.
- Increased stamina cost of the bow.
- Decreased charge animation time on combo attacks.
- More minor dungeon changes.

- More minor rebalancing.
- Some bug fixes on the 2nd boss.
On a chain of islands off in the ocean, a small community lives by the coast. They live comfortably, but they owe their survival to Murasi, a powerful spirit who created the islands and protects the inhabitants from harm. Every year, the people of this land show their gratitude to Murasi by collecting three powerful items and delivering them to him as gifts. However as time has gone on, the people have grown older and tire of this tradition...

This year, twin brothers Ito and Nita have agreed to take up the search. Despite their ages and inexperience, the elders allow them to leave the village. Now, the brothers must explore three dangerous dungeons and claim the treasures within!
Tips & Cheats
- Don't forget to save at save stones frequently, or you'll lose progress when you die!
- Each brother has their own health pool, so don't be afraid to try the other one if you get low on health.
- Collecting hearts or fairies while you have full health will send any leftover health to the other brother.
- There are 3 keys you can find on the overworld that unlock any door. Use these to skip difficult parts of dungeons, if you want.
- The whole overworld opens up for you once you get Nita, so you can always search around for Heart Pieces and Stamina Containers if you're struggling.
Credits are included in the download, as well as at the end of the quest.