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Link's Decision 2: Chronos the Tears of Fate

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Creator: obake-san Genre: Dungeon Romper Added: 04 Feb 2022 Updated: 12 Sep 2023 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 451 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.2/5 (4 ratings) Download Quest
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3 overworld maps split into 16 areas. 19 mandatory dungeons, 10+ optional dungeons, lots of puzzle rooms, and other stuff to do. 100 different songs from various video games, more than 200 different text interactions with NPCs.
There are four classes to choose from. Knight, wizard, monk, or thief (Link's decision 1 2007 only had the first two). Each will get a different set of items based on the class's two common abilities: offense, defense, magic, trickery. No matter which you choose, you'll only be able to reach six out of twelve class dungeons, but you can see all in two playthroughs if (in-game information). Or choose none.
This v2.10 quest was almost entirely built while 2.10 was the latest non-beta version. A lost version of the quest was recovered in late 2021, and finished fully in v2.10.
This quest is meant to be played in ZC v2.53, and most testing was done with v2.53. There are only a few bugs in ZC v2.55, and they are very minor.
There isn't much of a story as far as Link is aware. The governor for the region dumped him in the land, only asking him to collect the six pieces and retake a bunker. Fortunately, Link doesn't seem to ever need to know what's going on to succeed.
A southern province of Calatia has been under attack. Ganon has somehow managed to sneak into the King's Bunker, which is only able to opened for Calatia's king and queen. Whether Ganon found a way in or was somehow spawned inside doesn't matter, there's no way the King would want to visit the bunker now. So, Ganon thinks that he has a permanent foothold, and everybody assumes Ganon could never be driven out.
A hero who could collect all six ancient relics will have proven themselves worthy to enter in the king's place. To do so, Link will have to travel centuries in the past, and also centuries in the future.
(There's a little more on the quest's site.)
Tips & Cheats
I highly recommend reading the Rules and Tips, included in the zip file and also on the quest's website on jeah. I also included image lists of all items and enemies if you want to know what's what.

Walkthrough with full resolution maps and varying levels of spoilers on the quest's website. There is even a set of overworld maps where you choose which level you are on and it censors out all the screens you can't get to, a set of overworld minimaps if you need to know where the dungeons are but don't want to see the screens, and a HC and MC checklist. There's a list of cultural references and easter eggs.

The official trailer is the video link at the top with the photos, also linked here (2m47s).

Quest's official site is here. The main page has no spoilers, and every link that has spoilers is clearly labeled.

Official Let's Play is here. Most of the 31 parts have a discussion of an aspect of the quest, including how I made it and the various inspirations. Just don't expect too much. I've never done anything like a Let's Play before, and I do not even watch Let's Plays. The first few parts are pretty rough.

AMV-style music video was released for this quest. Minor spoilers about the first part of the town side quest, and glimpses of the main six dungeon bosses, but that's it. They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [2:37] with lyrics.
Pure tileset (WildBill) with all added tiles by obake-san
Music (midi) downloaded mostly from vgmusic and midishrine, and arranged by obake-san (there is a little overlap between my last quest's music, but not much).
Red hands. That's not a person or player, just a description.
Please send me a message on PureZC or see the forum to report any bugs or other things.
Thanks Lordkronos, Useless Old Man Wisdom, RedHouse, and others for reporting and helping with bugs.