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Nayru's Odyssey: Definitive Edition

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Creator: Teamudf , Rainst0rm4759 , Arkia Genre: Dungeon Romper Added: 17 Jun 2021 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 195 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.75/5 (7 ratings) Download Quest
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Nayru's Odyssey was originally a 6th quest contest entry, but this version is updated to be more complete and has several additional features. The main dungeon romping gameplay also comes packaged with some mini dungeons. Some quality of life changes also help the player navigate the world more easily.

One inadvertent bug exists in level 2 from the test version, but it does not break anything. (Depending on the day of the week, a specific pot is missing an undercombo even though it's set properly.)
Following a great war, the legendary hero failed in his quest. Ganon has ruled for many years and Hyrule has mostly become desolate. Hearing of the Triforce pieces that are scattered throughout the land and accepting the fallen hero's sword, Nayru starts on the path of a warrior to return Hyrule to its prosperous state.
Tips & Cheats
- Find the Truth Crystal in each dungeon! The wall tiles serve as puzzle hints and guide you toward the solutions.
- If you're stuck on where to go next, a hint cave near where you get your first sword updates after every major dungeon.
- Most upgrades are hidden around the overworld, so be sure to check suspicious areas and backtrack to unfinished locations for more gear.
- The compass is your friend - it directs you to an important room in each dungeon!

The Legend of Zelda Franchise
VG Music/Musescore (Midis)
HelpTheWretched (Sound Effects)
Lut (Tileset)
Moosh (Instrumentality Palettes)
Alestance (Music)

Arkia (Secret Enemies, Stone Beak, Count Chocula, Enemy Generator, Master Ore, All Boss Scripts, Level 8 Fix, Map Fix)
TeamUDF (Specific Trigger)
Moosh (NPC, Pit)
Evan20000 (Count Chocula, Dungeon Barriers, Item Spawn, L/R Switch for A/B Subscreen, Nothing Trigger)
Fox (Warp Doll)
Dan358 (Enemy Music)
Lejes (Boss String)
Demonlink (Compass Beep)
HuggetSukker (Dungeon Barriers)
Moscow Modder (Heart Piece Message)
Kite (Item Bundle)
Joe123 (Item Pickup)

=====Definitive Edition Playtesting=====

=====Special Thanks=====
The Zelda Classic devs
Anyone who played the quest!