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Hyrule's Awakening

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Creator: Lunar Genre: Scripted Updated: 11 Apr 2021 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 160 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.29/5 (6 ratings) Download Quest
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Hyrule's Awakening is a very experimental, proof-of-concept quest. In it's simplest, it's just a remake of Z1 in the GB style, but it's much more than that. It uses many scripts to make it feel as close to GB Zeldas as possible. Now, this could all have been even better, but keep in mind this was the best I could do with existing scripts I could find, since I can't script anything myself.

The main focus when creating this was to not make the best possible quest out there, but to just show you that GB-sized screens are somewhat possible in ZC, and also show my vision of a Zelda 1 remake in Link's Awakening style. Also, one could see this as my love letter to the Game Boy/GB Color, Link's Awakening and Zelda 1!

- The dungeon layouts, overworld areas and base screens are all based on the original Zelda 1st Quest, but everything has been remade in Link's Awakening style, trying to match that style as closely as possible.
- The dungeons are completely different from Z1's aside from their layout. The dungeons are much closer to Link's Awakening's dungeons actually.
- GB-SIZED SCREENS! This is all thanks to Avaro's Scrollwarping Doors script in the database. The screens are now the same size as they would be in Link's Awakening/Oracles. The subscreen, sadly I couldn't move so it would be connected to the screens sadly, since I can't script anything myself, and it would have required a completely customly scripted subscreen to work.
- Items are more based on Link's Awakening, so you'll see stuff like the Roc's Feather or an equippable Power Bracelet.
- Scripted bosses and enemies; many enemies from Link's Awakening have been recreated for this, and all the bosses are custom (aside from one Patra, and some minibosses).
- 2 simple trading sequences.

- Removed the possibility of running into a softlock in Level 5
- Added one extra key to Level 3 to prevent a hardlock
- Adjusted one overworld screen to, once again, fix a potential softlock
The plot is the same as the original Zelda 1, obviously :P
Tips & Cheats
- Continuing in the overworld is wonky.
- Some screens (mostly when switching DMaps in the overworld) use instant warps instead of scrolling
Expect some general wonkiness in general, many things work weird with the scrollwarps and at times I was overwhelmed myself with the amount of scripts I was using.
Nintendo for making The Legend of Zelda (series, the original game and Link's Awakening)
Zelda Classic
Shane, Matthew and Hari for testing
Ambient Silence for support, help and ideas

Scripts used: (hopefully I didn't forget anybody <3)
Scrollwarping Doors by Avaro
Armos Knights by Saffith
Ball'n Chain enemy by Joe123
Buzz Blob by Saffith
LttP Chest Game by ZoriaRPG
GB Cliffs by Moosh
GB Compass by Demonlink
GB Power Bracelet by Zepinho
GB/LttP Chest by Nimono
GB Shield by MoscowModder
GB Shovel by Mani Kanina
LA Hatrobes by Dimi
Holes/Lava by Moosh
Item Pickup Message by Joe123
LA Crab by Mitchfork
LA Flamethrower by Orithan
FFC Lock Blocks by Moosh
LttP Goriya by Saffith
Boss music by Avaro
Newbie Boss by Moosh
NPCs by Moosh
Trading Sequences by Moosh
Randomized Sword SFX by Avaro
FFC Shop by ??? (the version I used seems to not be on the database)
Sideview Enemies by Moosh
Sideview Ladders by justin
Title Screen by Matthew
Triforce Check by Evan20000