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The Legend of Zelda: Heir to the Hero

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Creator: Twilight Hero Genre: NES-style Updated: Yesterday, 04:27 PM ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 190 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.5/5 (1 rating) Download Quest
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Well, I've been eyeing ZC off an on for the past year and a half or so, and I finally got a strong-enough computer in December 2020, and one of the first things I downloaded was ZC and ZQuest. This is my first quest that took me about a month or so (breaks included) to finish, and I hope you like it. Please give me feedback, let me know what I should and shouldn't do in my next quest, what I should try, what I should do again, etc...

This quest contains eight main dungeons ranging from small to large, as well as a final dungeon and 5 mini dungeons, as well as a few "custom" bosses.
WARNING: Contains some potentially tedious block puzzles, but they shouldn't be too bad.
This should be a 16 heart quest.
Edit: Fixed various problems mentioned by user Luet, as well as the pit outside Level 4.
It has been twenty years since Ganon's death at the hands of Link, Hero of Hyrule. Since then, the Triforce of Courage has been returned to Hyrule, and Link married Princess Zelda and the two had a son who was creatively named Link jr.
One day, however, Link feared that Ganon would soon return, so he left Hyrule in search of a way to kill Ganon for good next time (or as long as possible). When he left, he broke the Triforce of Courage into 8 pieces in case something happened to him or Hyrule.
A year after his father's departure, Link jr had a dream of Ganon's minions getting revenge on Hyrule, so he decided to seek out the Triforce of Courage and use it to enter the fortress of Oga'lona, Ganon's lieutenant who was hiding near North Castle Town.
Tips & Cheats
There is a Piece of Heart in every main Triforce dungeon, as well as 8 total Heart pieces in the Overworld, for a total of 16 Heart Pieces.
Roc's feather, found in one of the mini dungeons, will make Level 8 much easier.
Explore Castle Town. On nearly every screen there is an open door. You can find all sorts of useful information and whatnot in the town!
Walkthrough Playlist on my YT channel:
Quest by Twilight Hero (me)
Play-tested by my Brother and friends
Music from ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and Super Star Wars, downloaded from VGMusic.
Other music from the ZQuest library.
The tips for the bottomless pits were from a user of the Forum, once I find them I will put them in the credits.
Oga'Lona's name is inspired by the character Ogalon from Hyrule Total War/Hyrule Conquest by UndyingNephalim.