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6th Quest Entry - Through the Inverse Glass

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Creator: Mitsukara , Dimi Genre: Scripted Added: 14 Mar 2020 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 126 Rating[?]: Download Quest
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A sort of "what if" 6th quest, with a very simplistic NES-style story and many faithful elements to Zelda 1, but with totally new items, different behaviors for familiar enemies, a mirrored overworld, and a twisted new form of familiar dungeon design and caves.

Although very Zelda 1-based and with a few cryptic elements of NES style design, there are also much more complex puzzles involving new items that could not appear in Zelda 1 (although this quest is nowhere near as complex as Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia, and is meant to be more approachable and simple than that.)

An optional Mode Menu (press the Map button) allows you to change the game's entire presentation, such as how the game scrolls, whether the player can move in Zelda 1 four-way style or eight-way diagonal movement, the difficulty of monsters, the ability to attack with the mouse, what music is playing, how advanced the graphics colors are, custom character costumes, and more! There's no wrong way to play, so pick any settings you think would be more fun!

A manual of all modes is included with the quest, in "Mitsukara 6th - Mode Menu Manual and Costume List.txt".

Full list of costumes (in a spoiler block because it's a long list:
Moments after the events in "The Legend of Zelda", Link is captured by Mirror Gannon and taken to Mirror Hyrule, along with the Triforce of Power which has been broken into eight large pieces.

In Mirror Hyrule, everything is familiar, but nothing is quite the same. Princess Zelda must seek the help of strange creatures and unfamiliar items to navigate this reversed world and it's mysteriously intertwined underworld. Is Zelda's wisdom enough to overcome these strange puzzles and save Link... or is she headed straight into a fiendish trap?
Tips & Cheats
Each time you continue the game on the overworld, Impa will tell you a hint in the Debug Console window. These hints cycle through 11 possible hints (before cycling back to the first), and those 11 each update if you've obtained certain items or made certain progress. If you're stuck, you can try F6ing a few times to see what all her current hints are. This isn't required, but can help if you have no idea what to do.

Although knowledge of Zelda 1 is not required to beat this game, it is helpful, since there is a Z1-style minimum of explanatory text within the game, and many patterns may look more familiar if you know Z1 well. While this quest has item and puzzle elements more akin to the Gameboy Zelda games, this is overall very much a Zelda 1 fangame.

Dead ends are almost never just dead ends, especially if you had to use a key or do something special to get into them. Explore in detail before you backtrack.

Zelda 1 pushblock logic is in effect. You may need to kill enemies in the room to push a block. You may need to push any block on the screen, although this generally only happens on screens with a few blocks. A certain item you get early on may make it easier to determine which blocks you DON'T need to push, and find the ones you do.

Nothing in the Mode Menu is required, although it can be helpful. Think of the Mode Menu as a sort of breaking of the fourth wall, to adjust the game to your own comfort and enjoyment- whatever makes the game more enjoyable for you is what you should pick.

You can save a lot of time by using the "Save Here" option on the mode menu very often, and thinking about where you want to continue from when you're at the overworld's continue screen since it can take you to dungeon entrances you've visited.

If there are strange spots on the ground, there's a good chance something is hidden in that area.

There are 9 dungeons in this quest. The first three are "Level A", and can completed in any order. You must complete all three Level As to get through levels 4-6, which are "Level B". After that comes two dungeons of "Level C", and the final dungeon is "Level D". If you are absolutely stuck finding these dungeons and can't figure out a way in, it might be helpful to...

To play the Randomizer mode (this code is also revealed at the end of the quest):
- Quest Creator

- MASSIVE post-production improvements / 11th hour collab designer. Work includes Final Boss rewrite, massive help with dungeon design on level 9 (and suggestions for 7 and 8 ), implementing the Z3 Scrolling mode, creating the entirety of the Randomizer, and more. Also one of the first beta testers.
---------- Scripts, design advice, and beta testing::

- 4 way movement simulation script from BrockLesnar.qst, one of the first beta testers, design feedback, encouragement, being cool about it when we had some of the same ideas, and inspiration for the Impa Hints system.

- "Magic Map" and "Magic Compass" scripts. Thanks for your patience and flexibility about how the contest was run, it improved the experience a lot in the end!

- Made an All-Caps zscript function for my enemy names.

- FFC Shooter Script used by Dimi.

- Extensive beta testing, design feedback, Randomizer design advice, and help making a location list.

- Beta testing, design feedback Randomize design advice, and encouragement.

- Encouragement and design feedback (watched other testers).

Great Glass
- Beta tester, design feedback, and recommended Z1remade.nsf, by IsabelleChiming.

- Beta tester, design feedback

- Beta tester, design feedback

- Beta tester, design feedback

- Beta tester

- Beta tester

---------- Music and graphics::

"Legend of Link" NSF music, used for default Overworld, intro sequence, and "Dodgy Game" tracks.

"z1remade" and "z2remade" NSF music, used for the default Dungeon themes and Randomizer Menu.

"5thmusic" NSF music from ZC's 5th Quest, used for Gannon's music. Also requested Duke Onkled and created the Xenogears BigJoe costume.

Klopp422 & Klopp422's brother
"Klopp422.nsf" NSF music, used for default Cave Music and for Boss Music (when World Redecorate Mode is on).

- Provided certain optional MIDIs and costumes (where credited), plus the "DarkNaga" enemy tiles.

Other optional music and sounds from:
Koji "Konchan" Kondo: "The Legend of Zelda", "Super Mario Bros", "A Link to the Past", "BS The Legend of Zelda"
Akito "Tsukasan" Nakatsuka: "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link"
Yuzo Koshiro: "Legacy of the Wizard", "Ys" I-II
Mieko Ishikawa: "Legacy of the Wizard", "Ys" I-III
Hideya Nagata: "Ys" II-III
Osamu Kasai: "Ys" II-III
Masaaki Harada: "Ys" II-III
Shinji Nakayama: "Ys" II-III
Hideno Maezawa: "Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious"
Shinya Sakamoto: "Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious"
Atsushi Fujio: "Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious"
Kiyohirio Sada: "Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious"
Kinuya Yamashita: "Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious"
Hideki Kanazashi: "Adventures of Lolo" 1 - 3
Michiharu Hasuya: "Solomon's Key"
Hiro "Hip" Tanaka: Super Mario Land
Koichi Sugiyama: "Dragon Quest" I-IV
Satoe Terashima: "Castlevania," "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest"
Kinuyo Yamashita: "Castlevania"
Kenichi Matsubara: "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest"
Kouji Murata: "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest"

And additional unknown MIDI authors.

---------- Zelda Classic developers::

Phantom Menace
- ZC Creator -

War Lord

---------- Special thanks::
For helping me get back into ZC through Let's Play videos





NOTE: If I have missed crediting someon, please feel free to let me know what they made and I'll edit this description to include the credit! (Assuming the credit seems legitimate.)

All submitted costumes are credited on costume banner in-game, and in the costume list in the description above; all others drawn by Mitsukara (though often based on sprites from the games the characters originate from).