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The Depths of Malice

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Creator: Russ Genre: NES-style Updated: 15 Mar 2020 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 1278 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.79/5 (13 ratings) Download Quest
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The Depths of Malice is a modern-ish, classic-ish, NES-style-ish dungeon romper created for the 6th Quest Contest over a four month period. It's about the closest thing to a classic style quest you'll get from me, though how classic it is is up for some amount of debate. It seeks to celebrate ZC's legacy by invoking an old-school vibe while pushing the limits of what 2.53 is capable of with new ideas and features.

So what can you expect from The Depths of Malice?
  • Two 16x8 overworlds, one based on Zelda 1 and one completely original.
  • Nine dungeons, two of which are freeform, and all of which feature new scripted gimmicks and bosses.
  • A mix of new and returning items.
  • Nonlinearity, with the ability to tackle several dungeons "out of order".
  • An HP system which allows you to survive mortal damage by collecting health before your HP meter drains.
  • Scary Lynels.
  • An engaging story set in the Zelda universe but divorced from typical Zelda themes.
  • An extra game mode, unlockable upon clearing the quest, for added replayability.
For the best experience, please play in the newest 2.53.1 beta from ZC's download page. While the quest should run fine in earlier versions of 2.53, or even (probably) 2.50, you may experience some minor compatibility bugs, such as annoyances with picking up items with melee weapons.

Updates: 3/15/20
- Fixed a bug that could cause the Lost Hills path to break if you obtained a certain item upgrade.

Older updates
Two hundred years have passed since the ocean waters entombed Hyrule, the final victim of the mad Gerudo king. Distrust spreads through the public, as rumors of the rise of a new Gerudo king spread. A curse rises from the ocean waters, with thick smoke choking any who would seek to dive to the ruins of Hyrule below and strange creatures stalking the towns at night. After receiving a call for help intended for his late mother, the young Zora prince Kell travels to the Northern Sea to help. With the Zora's Sapphire to protect him, he descends below the waves, seeking answers and a means to dispel the curse. But things are not as they seem, and he quickly finds himself entangled in an ancient conflict far different from what he was expecting.
Tips & Cheats
  • Bombable walls are a fairly frequent occurrence. Their locations are often hinted by the map, room layout, or general dungeon flow.
  • There are no walk-through walls, and you are never expected to bomb off the map.
  • Explore the world carefully; each dungeon item opens the way to least two heart containers and one magical alloy.
  • Sneaking past Lynels, or just running, may be more viable than fighting them early on. If you decided to fight, there's no shame in kiting them into a more manageable arena.
A full list of credits can be viewed upon clearing the quest.

However, I wish to recognize a few people who greatly contributed here. Moosh's help cannot be understated. He provided the Hookshot 2 tileset upon which this quest was built and created all the dungeon palettes and several overworld palettes for me, based off my sometimes difficult descriptions. He also made sprites for the main characters and offered several ideas which ended up becoming incorporated into the quest. In a similar vein, Aevin contributed several ideas to the quest, as well as the subscreen and underwater overlay effects. At several points along the way, he also served as a well of emotional support to help pull me through this process. Finally, I'd like to thank Zoria for running the contest which spawned this quest in the first place, as well as all the other contest entrants, whose work helped inspire and motivate me these last few months.