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Creator: DigiPro31279 Genre: NES-style Updated: 20 Aug 2004 ZC Version: 1.92 B182 Downloads: 256 Rating[?]: Rating: 3/5 (6 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest used a better tile set, New 1st. The overworld is the same from 4th, but more items are hidden across Hyrule. Some errors may still exist, but they may be ones I cannot correct no matter how hard I have tried.

Fixed some problems with it. I doubt if any of the dungeons have grey holes...don't know why, but I can't fix it.

NEW UPDATE: Each dungeon boss has its own music, the Triforce Room in each dungeon has the same music, and anyone that starts from the begining will have to go through the new mini dungeon for the first sword. Plus I have updated the Heart Meter.
Once again, Zelda has been kidnapped and Link must find the Eight Trifoce Pieces, but it's his own Triforce.
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Look carefully, explore everything. Never give up. You never know when you find something you weren't expecting.
To all those who have beta tested, played through and found certain mistakes, and to everyone who has tried the quest.