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The Slipstream

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Creator: RedTribeLink Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 26 Aug 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 337 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.78/5 (8 ratings) Download Quest
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This was originally a quest made for the two week quest contest made all the way back in 2015. Now four years later, the final, definitive version of the game has finally been finished and released, featuring:
- Several various realms to explore
- A unique elemental combat system
- Leveling and upgrading, with a variety of different rewards
- Various obstacles, enemies, and puzzles
- Several things to explore and find, even some not originally in the two week version
- Four difficulty levels that range from relaxing to challenging to painstakingly difficult
- Brand new postgame content

UPDATE 8-26-19
- Nerfed Sharton from 100 health to 60
- Added two extra compasses in endgame to give extra help in finding certain collectibles (Check an certain endgame shop for them)
- A clue to a puzzle to obtain a certain relic has been made a bit more clear

UPDATE 8-18-19:
- Made a fix to a potential game breaking issue in postgame (recommended to update for this just in case)
- Fixed some oversights
- Added a disclaimer at the beginning
Join Hirota as he makes a one way trip into this phenomenon known as the Slipstream in order to save his best friend and grandmother.
Tips & Cheats
- This isn't your regular hack and slash game. Each item and enemy has a specific damage type that determines how much damage is done to a certain enemy with a certain item. An NPC in the town details this a little more.
- If you feel overwhelmed or stuck in an area, try a different area and come back later with better gear.
- The town is important. Don't forget to level up and pick up supplies in the shop once you've unlocked it.
Instrumentality by Moosh



To everyone that played the two week version and the beta from the 2017 Expo

(If I am forgetting anyone here, please DM me and let me know)