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Wizzrobe's Big Day Out

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Creator: AaronJer Genre: NES-style Updated: 17 May 2020 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 397 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.45/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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Download Music: https://drive.google...HvIWmogED8iaUb9

This is a mostly NES-style quest, with some cutscenes. The cutscenes are fairly front and back-loaded, so expect to be wowed at the start, and then the middle of the game to be primarily just be gameplay. The last part of the game, however, including all of Ganon's Fortress, is heavily loaded with story, cutscenes, characters and weirdness.

Cutscenes feature animated portraits, all drawn by me. Some are larger and more detailed than others, or they change as the game goes on for story reasons. Oh, except Din. Din isn't animated. Din is a statue.

This quest is very hard. I designed it for my friends to play, and they are quite good at this sort of game, and I wanted it to be a challenge for them. If you can't beat it, I'm sorry. :(

7/31/19: Fixed accidental Ganon death, Bro Guy lying about Manhandlas, World Pillar 5 stuck glitch, Golden Pyramid 'sort of stuck' glitch, and Ruined Hyrule stuck glitch.

5/17/20: Fixed item placement bugs where enemy held items would spawn in walls if not picked up before leaving room. Fixed a ladder stuck glitch on the Dead Island.
This story takes place after Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link. You are playing as a Wizzrobe who broke free of Ganon's control by touching the Triforce of Power. He is completely bonkers. His goal is to defeat Ganon and take over the forces of evil for himself. Two other Wizzrobes touched the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom, and they too are awakened and free of Ganon. They are also... abnormal... and possibly Dutch. They are ostensibly your allies.

Ganon attacked Link and Zelda in the middle of their wedding! Link is missing, and Zelda has been kidnapped by Ganon's forces (although not after killing an alarmingly large number of them.). Wizzrobes ain't give a damn, though. They just want power, Zelda means very little to them one way or the other.
Tips & Cheats
1. If you skip or ignore dialogue, you will likely end up not knowing what to do or unable to beat a boss. Characters say important gameplay-related things.

2. All secrets that are better than rupees are indicated in some way. A bush standing on its own; the only flat rock surface on the screen; other unique terrain features; dialogue hints. If you go burning every non-descript bush and bombing every wall, you will find rupees, but that is probably all.

3. If something is way too hard, you might be there too early, or there might be items you haven't found yet outside of whatever dungeon you're delving.

4. Some dungeons have multiple entrances.

5. All keese and bats drop huge amounts of magic. Bats = magic. Magic = bats. Bagic = mats.

6. There are some very weird and very out of the way secrets placed in unorthodox ways. The more completely bizarre a secret is, the less likely it has something really important to find. So if you miss them, you're probably only missing a weird joke or funny scene. If you actually find the faerie, for example, no, she doesn't drop anything. It's not a bug. It's just a silly event.

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7. Translating the Dutch won't reveal any important gameplay secrets. If you're not actually Dutch, even translating it won't help that much in understanding. It's very slang-ridden, and everything Dutch Guy says is... very weird.

8. There are two endings. If you beat the game and you are super depressed and ready to cry, you got the bad ending. But the good ending is still possible to reach if you reload! Just... think about a better way to do what you just did?

9. Download the music. Jokes will fall completely flat without it.
Orotokohoho - Did the art for the intro screen after the title and the second to last screen in the good ending. He's really good at big sweeping vistas! Commission him if you need one! :D

SuperJer - The music in the snowy area and the Ice Palace.

AaronJer - Everything else.