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Legend of Zelda: Forgotten Hero

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Creator: Shoshon the Elegant Genre: NES-style Updated: 15 Jul 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 281 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.4/5 (4 ratings) Download Quest
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A quest in the style of NES Zelda 1, with some Dark Souls inspiration on mechanics.

You can expect to die, as this is challenging, but I would not go so far as to call it hard. Much of the difficulty is in the boss fights.
Some time ago, the cycle of the three spirits of the Hero, the Princess and the Demon ended. As a result the people of Hyrule lost their memories.
However, one day Ganon is revived for unknown reasons.

Discover the story of how memories were lost while facing the threat of Ganon's forces in the present day.

Find items, explore and traverse dungeons! Don't forget your Great Fairy Potion.
Tips & Cheats
Take a look at what enemies are around. They can give you a clue as to where you should and shouldn't be.
Wait to kill overworld bosses. They may be too much until you get a couple dungeons under your belt.

Use your items.

Update (7/13/2019):
  • Made a boss in the desert not return after death
  • Removed the ability to pick up all upgrades in Take Only One Item rooms

Update (7/15/2019):
  • Added more onto the whistle and ocarina pickup message strings.
  • Hopefully fixed all potential crashes in 2.53.
Credits at end of quest.