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Yeto's Hide-And-Seek

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Creator: Yeto Genre: Miniquest Updated: 17 Jun 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.0 Downloads: 228 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (4 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest took 3-4 weeks to be made.
It wasn't any serious. I made for fun and I was trying some ideas, but at some moment it became something bigger than I thought.

It's like a mini-metroidvania but I won't lie, follows the same approach of my Yeto's Quests and I would say it's even more tricky. Everything is interconnected.
It has actually some differences but is in the way I tried to design maps and only you can see it playing.
First minutes may remind you Breath of the Wild but with caves (my dream).
There are 1 overworld, 2 dungeons, one of them integrated into the main world, caves, etc.
It gives you some freedom, instead of the typical zelda structure, sometimes this is open-ended.

Duration: 5 hours more or less.

Tested and beatable but I'm looking for minor bugs. Polished enough to be playable.
I would appreciate all feedback and really hope someone can enjoy it.

Update #1
Fixes not essential but important in last dungeon, 1 key was a present, and minor things.
Update #2
A navegation bug fixed in a screen with rails, it's better if you update it.
Update #3
Added 1 Heart Container in order to do Gleeok easier (but if you explore). Fixed 2 bugs.
It's start in a idyllic situation, your friends will play hide-and-seek and you have to look for them (yes, Majora's).

BUT then you realize there are some "invaders" in your homeland. For sure that a little girl doesn't hide herself too far....
Tips & Cheats
1.If you HATE ZC darkness I have a good new, you can choose a gift from the start (similar to Dark Souls) but game's design is just designed to be played without item gift.

2.Try don't waste all your ammunation if you don't need.

3.Have Open mind...
Tileset: Ezgbc 2.5