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Links Rise DX

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Creator: Mr.ReDead Genre: NES-style Updated: 20 Feb 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 203 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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Rating: 4/5

Posted 03 July 2019 - 09:01 AM
Just finished this one up today and I gotta say it was pretty fun. This is certainly a good remake over the original quest (which I admittedly didn't finish), and I liked quite a lot of the cool ideas you got as well as the nice redesign of a lot of places. The overworld looks pretty good and was quite fun to traverse through. The dungeon redesigns were neat and for the most part they were alright. Though I must say that they were quite short in length, and the later dungeons did start to drag on a little with the constant enemy gauntlets.

I found two weird things while playing which I might as well address here. When taking the blue portal to reach this screen, link ends up walking out of the cave. An easy fix would be to change some warp return points. Another thing is that this area above link is completely solid. I get that it's because of a guy that's meant to be here, but it would be much better just to leave this non-solid so this weird side effect doesn't happen because of it.

Overall I had quite a bit of fun with it, a lot of the reworks were very welcomed for sure. A few things with dungeons didn't set too well for me (mostly the constant gauntlets of enemies and the general uninspired design), but it was still some good fun. I'd give this one a 3.5/5, which rounds up to a 4. Nice work!
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