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Link's Rise 2 ~ The Re.. Uh.. Re-Rise!

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Creator: Mr.ReDead Genre: NES-style Added: 02 Jan 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 159 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (4 ratings) Download Quest
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Sequel to the original Link's Rise, Link must rise again to defeat Ganon and save the princess. Inconsistent dungeon sizes and like one, maybe two out of the norm puzzles are present. Feel free to leave dungeons after you get a big ticket item like the Hookshot or the Bow. New things may be open to you as soon as you get items this time.

Please contact me with any bugs found.
I already am aware of the random numbers that tend to replace your HP with strange damage amounts when wearing the Red/Gold Rings in the classic tileset; I dont know how to fix this yet.
Difficulty may be adjusted with future builds and general player feedback on the quest if it turns out to be overly difficult in some spots.
Because Ganon can never give ANYONE a break, he is back again and doing typical Ganon stuff. Link must stop him once again.
Tips & Cheats
Blue ring can be obtained early.
Explore all the caves, as they lead to many areas in the quest's world.
PLEASE feel free to leave dungeons after you get a big ticket item from them as some dungeons have puzzles that require this to be complete.
16 Hearts total. 3 to Start, 6 for Bosses, 7 for Heart Pieces.
8 Magic Blocks total. 1 Start, 7 Magic Containers.
Some enemies have modified touch properties, damage properties and HP; Be careful.
Difficulty will be weirdly scaled at some parts.
Mr.ReDead for the quest build / Designs etc.
Nintendo for the original NES Legend of Zelda (1986).
Purezc for Hosting my quest so all of you lovely people can play it.
Zelda Classic / Armageddon Games / PureZC for the Zelda Classic Game Player and Zquest.