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Second Chance

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Creator: Joelmacool Genre: Story-driven Updated: 27 Nov 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 576 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.67/5 (14 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest was created based around the idea any dungeon may be done in any order, while keeping a story on the side. While this quest only features four main dungeons (and one final dungeon), each dungeon you complete will unlock various things to do (including collectibles and mini-dungeons). The dungeons in this quest aren't linear at all, so you may become a bit confused when playing them. The quest as a whole should take 4-6 hours to complete, so clearly, the quest isn't that long.


Update 06/11/18
- Made it so the switches in Cragboure Castle are easily distinguishable between being pressed and not being pressed.
- Included Item Pick-up strings for the Boss Keys.
- Re-coloured cave entrance tiles.
- Fixed the hitboxes of the Stones.
- Changed song file type to .ogg.

Update 07/11/18
- Made it so you can enter and leave the boss key room in The Kiln without defeating the enemies.
- Made it so you can't trap yourself in the mirror/block puzzle room in The Dry Desire.
- Added a sound effect for each time you press a switch.

Update 08/11/18
- Fixed the issue in The Kiln where two tiles would be replaced by inactive spikes.
- Replaced pots in the final corridor and other locations of The Windborne Bastion.
- Fixed the duplication issue where the ending text repeated itself at the end of each dungeon.
- When collecting a Stone, there is now music which plays to shorten the awkward pause.
- More NPCs in the quest now tell you about the story and the world.
- There are now more continue points available to the player (notably when you exit/enter important dungeons of the quest).
- Some Zelda songs in the quest have been replaced with new ones.

Update 09/11/18
- Renamed all music files in order to avoid ZC confusing SC song files with other song files. (If you had already downloaded the music file, you'd need to do it again)
- The Goron Sword is now open to you from the start, however, in order to collect it, you need five hearts.
- The download link for the songs no longer uses Mediafire, it now uses Dropbox.

Update 13/11/18
- The staircase southeast of Tingle in The Kiln is now only accessible if you kill the hammer enemy and the others.

Update 13/03/19
- Removed the bypass on one of the puzzles in The Dry Desire, where you were able to skip the entire hookshot puzzle.

Update 16/03/19
- The final bosses have been slightly buffed (health increase, and their fireballs can no longer be blocked with a shield).

Update 27/11/19
- Updated consistency issues with the Shovel and quicksand.
- Removed some Bombchus from Goron Settlement to prevent unavoidable damage.
- Made it easier to find the Bucket, which starts the Trade Sequence - Minor adjustments made to the drop rate.
- Changed the trap room in The Tumulus.
- Added a shortcut skipping the trap room in the Tumulus.
- Added secret sound effects for switches in Cragboure Castle.
One of the Deities have been banished from the Deity Kingdom by his two sisters. In order to gain their trust again he must undo any of the curses he had placed onto the land, and in order to do that, he must collect all four Stones he had placed in the world. On his journey, he would meet various people and acquire various pieces of equipment.

The Deities are worshipped by the Mortals, and so his sisters know not to send him as himself to the Kingdom, and the Mortals would easily recognise him. The sisters decide that, with the influence of the Mortal leaders, he should take the body of any random Mortal, and accomplish his goal in that form. The challenges for the Stones were designed to keep Mortals out, so now the brother must be careful when collecting the Stones.

It is up to you to choose what to do first, and only you can ensure he accomplishes his destiny.
Tips & Cheats
There is a trade sequence is this quest. In order to start it you must collect a bucket found in the desert.

This quest has no password. If you are lost at all or wish to collect everything, just load the quest and search for it there.
For item locations, go to: Tools > Quest Reports > Item Locations

Places of no return:
- The house located at the top-left of the mountain. If you enter, you must complete the mini-dungeon before leaving.
- The final dungeon. You are given a warning, but once you enter the cutscene, there is no going back until you beat the game.
All credits are shown in the song folder and at the end of the quest.
Special thanks to Evan20000, Eddy, Shane and many others for reminding me that I can make a good quest.

Throughout the entirety of the quest, I worked off this quote:
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