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Demo Quest SP

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Creator: Nightmare , Phantom Menace Genre: Miniquest Updated: 22 Dec 2018 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 246 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (2 ratings) Download Quest
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The final update to the Demo Quest series. After all the new features that were included in Zelda Classic, it was time to update Demo Quest EX. I apologize for how long this took to get out and in dev, but it's finally here. Enjoy people, hope it was worth the wait.

UPDATE: 10/9/2018 Demo Quest SP V 2.53


Lens sparkles put in, need opinion on sprite.
Lv. 4, 5, and Bonus Dungeon Boss Key door C-Sets fixed
Negative Rupee reduced from -750 to -50
Master Wizzrobe summons die on his death
Lynel Room "O" fixed
Windhandla reduced from 64 HP per hand to 16 HP per hand, sword beams now blocked
Death Knight Battle dramatic battle removed
Shadow Link Battle dramatic battle removed and replaced with Z2-eqque cutscene
Treasure Bag now gradually brings up Rupees Z1 style
Wind in final gauntlet room now disabled
Ganon battles changed.
Changes in two rooms in Pandaemonium

Master Wizzrobe now has his proper death animation. No restart requrired.

Fixed the action over messages bug. Working on a tile delay script, will be a 2nd update. Neither require a restart.

Fixed the tile delay in extended boss fights so you can pick up dropped items
Fixed a balance issue after extended boss fights so you can pick up your sword or item again if you lose it.
None of these changes require a restart.
Many years have passed since the Second Quest. Link hears the guardians of Ganon have revived, and has to search them out to end the evil.
Tips & Cheats
Cheat Codes are in there, if you can get far enough and decipher the riddles

This is optimized for 2.53, though it works in other versions.
PHantom Menace - Original Creation
Gleeok - 2.50 Conversion
PureZC DB - Scripts