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Ganon's Revenge II: Destiny of a Hero

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Creator: Rambly Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 17 Nov 2017 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 291 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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Hello. This is a quest I made in 2002-2003. This version, specifically, is an update to the 2003 version that was never publicly released that had two dungeons left unfinished and lots of the overworld removed. I decided restore the missing overworld sections and make the two dungeons that were originally supposed to be in, fix a lottttt of bugs, and release it for whatever reason. I'm basically only submitting it here because I want all my finished quests to be easily available and not lost on some old webpage nobody can find.

It's not super good and it's pretty badly dated, even for a 1.92-era quest. I'd say the difficulty is somewhere between easy and moderate, with weird random spikes here and there and an overall decline in difficulty as the quest goes on, depending on how much extra equipment you find.

There's a lot more in the readme.

A few other things:
- As stated before, this quest bears no relation to the "Legend of Zelda Ganon's Revenge" by cousinoer5. As far as I know, both this quest and its predecessor "Ganon's Revenge" predate his, and the same names are a coincidence.
- A few of you might remember this quest better as Agahnim's Revenge DX -- I attempted a reboot in like 2005. It was pretty lazy and mostly went nowhere and I never did anything past Level 2.
- I decided when I was updating the quest to also upgrade it to 2.10. Mostly I did this because it was slightly more convenient for me to develop in, but I also went ahead and added Farore's Wind and Nayru's Love to the quest. I also decided to take advantage of Link Tile Mod and made it so that Link's hands change color when he gets gloves, similar to ALTTP.

Last updated: 11/17/2017. Current version: 1.99.5.
None, really
Tips & Cheats
- You can beat levels 2-4 and levels 5-6 in whatever order you want. (level 1 -> levels 2, 3, 4 -> levels 5, 6 -> level 7 -> level 8 -> level 9)
- All 2.10 inventory items are obtainable.
- There are a total of 21 heart containers in this quest. You start with 4 heart containers and get 8 from the Triforce dungeons, 1 from a mini-dungeon, and 1 from the final dungeon. There are 28 heart pieces (7 heart containers) to be found. There's one hidden heart piece in every major (level #) dungeon.
- There are a total of 8 magic containers in this quest. You start with one and can find 7 more.
- You can carry up to 26 bombs after all the bomb upgrades; two in north Hyrule and two in south Hyrule.
- You can get the White Sword somewhere after beating level 2, level 3, or level 4.
- The Lens of Truth may be obtained after beating the first 4 levels.
- The Bow may be found in the Haunted Forest. It's on a hidden screen, not long before level 3.
- There's one hint guy per level. There's also a few hints on the overworld.
- Elebreed/skateboarder11 (many dungeon tiles)
- Phantom Menace (original BS tileset)
- Aegis Runestone (inadvertently possibly a tile here and there*)
- Wild Bill (swords, rings for the three Goddess powers, torches in dungeons, some items, rain and snow, title screen, ALTTP forest overhangs, shadow effect in Shadow Palace/Temple of the Dead)
- Radien (dungeon pots, misc. dungeon tiles, some items)
- Valerie (BS new enemy tiles)
- Warlock (Dark Mountain skulls and overhangs)
- Dechipher (treasure chests)
- Ben (message more tiles)
- Alucard648 (several suggestions and bug reports)
- special thanks to Eryn and Elebreed (once again)
- tons of MIDIs from vgmusic.com, use Quest -> MIDI Info...

* I very stupidly used Aegis Runestone's "In the Midst of Darkness" demo as a base without asking for permission back when I was first making it in 2002 (also incidentally why I didn't release this quest when I originally finished it). It was the only incarnation of the BS tileset I had handy at the time. I've since taken the liberty of carefully editing out as much as I can that belongs to him (it uses a lot of New BS tiles now), but a few concepts (notably the glowing eyes on wall decorations, although they're actually different from his tiles) remain. Sorry for ganking your style. A tile or two might remain as well, but I tried my best.