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What You Deserve: A 36-Hour Quest

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Creator: Lüt Genre: Miniquest Updated: 09 Sep 2019 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 318 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (9 ratings) Download Quest
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This is an overhaul of a quest I made for Gouanaco's 24-hour Quest Contest. Naturally, that version had a number of rough edges and rushed areas, yet it turned out better than I expected, so I gave myself another 12 hours to revise it to (my own) acceptable standards. The new version has nearly twice as many items and secrets, large price reductions on previous items, more manageable high-level enemies, many visual design enhancements, multiple continue points across the overworld, a customized subscreen, and most of all, an expanded final dungeon that fits the progression of the first 3.

Conditionally, the quest was designed in 36 hours. Per the contest rules, resources such as tile sheets, music, sounds, and scripts were allowed to be gathered before the designing phase began. Then, once compiled, the countdown began. Minor malfunctions and other glitches were allowed to be fixed after construction, so long as we worked with what we had at the time limit. The 36-hour update followed the same guidelines, in which I finished all additional design in 12 hours, then corrected functionality issues and brief tile errors afterward.

The end result is a short and simple quest that features a slightly expanded classic-based tileset, a clear-cut 4-segmented overworld with 4 straight-forward dungeons, a story in which you go through things to collect things to open things to defeat things, a variety of characters that may or may not know more than one identical sentence, and traditional tried-and-true gameplay, all culminating in a climactic face off with Standard Ganon. Due to the quest's rushed production, you'll also find a few items / enemies / design themes / gimmicks rehashed from my first quest. Further, the quest features exceptionally Ben-tastic dialogue, as the contest was anonymous and it was suggested we spoof other designers' styles and gimmicks to confuse players.

...what, you wanted profound originality, groundbreaking graphics, sprawling dungeons, epic purpose-driven story, intricate character development, and fully scripted interfaces, all while forcing a 36-hour limit on me? Ha! You get What You Deserve.


This is a maintenance release that updates scripts to be compatible with newer versions of ZC, provides accurate transparency, adds proper pit functionality, tweaks some graphics and animations, improves certain item/obstacle interactions, and heavily optimizes file resources. No changes to gameplay or layout were made. Now requires ZC 2.53.0 R2 or later.
Journey through the outside thing to find the green thing, blue thing, and red thing in order to collect the 3 Triforce things to unlock the final thing, and possibly pass by a cave thing along the way.
Tips & Cheats
If 1 = 1, then what do 2, 3 and 4 = ?

Anthus - Overworld ground transitions
HylianFox - Boat rip from Crystalis / God Slayer
Lightwulf - Docks, arrow signs, most diagonal & 1st-tier-down dungeon tiles
Lunaria - Red Thing palette


Lejes - Fire Trail Reduction
Moosh - Pits
MoscowModder - Permanent Block Secrets, Triforce Secrets
Saffith - Limited Summons
Ywkls - Linked Secrets
ZoriaRPG - Stone of Gravity

And of course, Ben / Bagel's Quest 447 for inspiring the rushed dialogue.