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Chocolate Shadow Temple

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Creator: Joelmacool Genre: Miniquest Updated: 21 May 2017 ZC Version: 2.50.0 Downloads: 226 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.27/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest should take you about 1.5 hours minimum. The quest has a good story (with a plot twist at the end), two long dungeons, and creative gimmicks! Personally, I think that this quest is fun and entertaining, as well as being able to make you think about what is going to happen next.

This quest is nothing like DayDay or Eddy's Troll Day, so, if you are going to be playing this, expect something much better than those quests!


- 10/04/17 -
Made final boss harder.
- 11/04/17 -
Made the first boss harder,
Added a new shop (Located before entering the second dungeon).
- 12/04/17 -
Made two of the heart pieces in the second dungeon easier to find.
Enemies in the second dungeon drop more bombs.
- 17/05/17 -
Made it more obvious that there was a bomb spawner.
Made the candle blocks more logical (Used the actual candle trigger blocks).
- 21/05/17 -
Fixed the new candle blocks. Now, they can actually be melted.
Your Kinder Egg has been stolen and you must venture your away around town searching for your lost chocolate... but, is all as it seems?
Tips & Cheats
- Think outside the box.
- You can go over things and press A to see what Link is thinking. (For example, in Link's House, you can press A when looking at the open chest to see what Link is thinking)
- Moosh

- Eddy
- Polaris
- Yoshi

Quest Developer:
- Joelmacool