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Rite of the Storm

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Creator: Shane , Avaro Genre: Miniquest Updated: 15 Jul 2018 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 734 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.87/5 (37 ratings) Download Quest
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Note: Be sure to put the Rite of the Storm music within your ZC folder along with the quest!

Rite of the Storm is a miniquest made for the Random Theme Contest hosted by Jamian. It was built in roughly two weeks with a lot of Metroidvania elements in mind. Since then we have listened to community feedback and made a more definitive version of the quest! Here's a list of the changes:
  • Majority of the dialogue has been rewritten by Aevin.
  • Added a credits sequence.
  • Save point can now be activated with the A button. A visual cue will give you indication of such.
  • A few hints have been edited to be less vague.
  • A few shortcuts have been added across the quest.
  • A room in the second area has been edited to be much more tolerable.
  • Some enemies have been nerfed, somewhat.
  • Few puzzles have been altered.
  • And some general bug fixes.
Minor and potential final update as of 16th of July 2018. List of changes and additions:
  • Gale and Caelum's graphics have been improved.
  • Some of the graphics have been improved and changed.
  • A visual hint has been added to help solve the maze puzzle.
  • Some general bug fixes.
A supernatural storm has plagued the world with death and destruction and there has been no light for decades. A young boy named Gale decides to investigate a labyrinth rumored to have connections with this storm in the hopes to find answers and perhaps a way to end the storm. Will he succeed?
Tips & Cheats
  • To set a continue point, walk over the save tiles.
  • Using the built-in ZC map only shows the area you are in. Use it often if you're stuck!
  • The password for the quest will be provided at the end.
All credits are in the quest's credit sequence but I would like to give a few shout-outs:
  • Jamian for hosting the contest. Without it this quest never would of happened!
  • Aevin for being so generous and helping improve the dialogue in this quest. His quests also served as a huge source of inspiration!
  • Ambient Silence for all the support and feedback.