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Legend of Pokemon Warrior

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Creator: HeroOfFire Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 11 Mar 2020 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 681 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.46/5 (12 ratings) Download Quest
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Legend of Pokemon Warrior is a crossover of a crossover. Although there are many Pokemon related jokes, most of the enemies are actually from Dragon Warrior Monsters. Hence the name, Legend of Zelda + Pokemon + Dragon Warrior.

The quest is split into multiple small themed overworlds. In each, you can find a portal to the next world but it is sealed and locked with a boss lock. Explore each world and the side dungeon to find as many items as possible to break these seals and travel to the next world.

Can't seem to progress in a dungeon? Only an item near the entrance can be reached right away. The deeper parts require items that may not have appeared up to that point. Expect some backtracking to finish off earlier dungeons.

Oh, and I guess this is also a randomizer. Besides randomizing items, you can also shuffle the caves around in each individual world. You can play without anything randomized, but where's the fun in that?

Update 1.1: Fixed several bugs including a serious Framerate issue, added features from more recent projects like compass tone. Also updated one of the secret modes and added another one. Play though this series of increasingly "impossible" modes to discover the next.

Update 1.2: Game time starts at 0:00 after randomizer finishes running. Compass helps more in Infinite Dungeon. Other fixes, plays fine in 2.53.

Update 1.3: Future Proofing fixes, a certain boss shouldn't remain invincible as often, added more secret Names
You appear to have awoken in the World of Pokemon! Well, except most of the Pokemon have been replaced by these other monsters. And there seems to be a lack of other people around. Has something happened? Where is Zelda in all this? What does it all mean?

If you want answers, it looks like you're gonna have to explore all these worlds until you reach the last one. The only question is, how many of these worlds are there?
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For the most part, each new world has two new requirements. One required item is needed to break the seal just to reach the world, while the other is required to fully explore the new world and usually reach the boss key with it.

Compasses point to where the boss key is. No exceptions.

Maps are not totally useless. Besides showing the shape of the overworld, it also has a secret additional feature if you bothered to grab a checklist.

Speaking of which, don't ignore that portal in the first cave.

There may be clues worth writing down.

By now you should expect these kind of quests to have greater than 100% item collection. The magic number this time is 105%. How many items is that? Do the math!

Want to try something different? You can get extra lines of text during the intro by using certain names or other things.
Nintendo for Zelda
GameFreak for Pokemon

VGMusic for the midis

Spriters Resource for the Pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monster sprites.

All the beta testers from as far back as the original contest.

All those who gave me ideas for certain names...
Also, those select few who gave me ideas. Terrible, terrible, ideas.