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Zelda NES Remastered

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Creator: Nightmare Genre: NES-style Updated: 21 May 2017 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 197 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.5/5 (1 rating) Download Quest
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This is my 5th Quest updated to release standards. Play at your own level, starting at Easy, with the level of the 5th Quest Contest, or going all out for Kaizo. Relive the days of the NES with some nice expansions including music, Zelda 2 style life meters, and other cool features.

5/21/2017 3.2 Patch Notes:

1. Whistle Warps Work Again! Whistles are different colors depending on your difficulty, and warp you to the appropriate Overworld.

4/27/2017: 3.1 Patch Notes:

1. Fixed a location bug on where Lv. 3 of the First Quest used to be (all difficulty levels)
2. Fixed all Moblins so you can burn them now (all difficulty levels)
3. The transistion Like-Like room with traps has been adjusted on all difficulty levels:
a. Normal Mode as enemy locations so they have less chance of eating your shield
b. Easy Mode had the number of Like-Likes reduced from 6 to 4
c. Kaizo Mode had the number of Like-Likes increased from 6 to 8 and no position flags (it's Kaizo Mode, you'd expect this here)
4. The bombable block in Lv. 9 is now visible to avoid confusion (all difficulty levels)

The patch does not require a restart
Happens a couple of years after the 1st Quest
Tips & Cheats
None. It's NES style.
Imzogelmo, QuestWizard and others: Some enemy design
TK8305: A very nicely done Let's Play
Dimentio: Fixing the Whistle Warp Bug
All my beta testers.