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Retreat to Crumsc

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Creator: The Bagel Meister Genre: Miniquest Updated: 15 Dec 2016 ZC Version: 2.50.1 Downloads: 207 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.67/5 (5 ratings) Download Quest
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A short 5 dungeon quest, with an 8x8 overworld, and plenty of scripting throughout.

Version 1.1
-Added shortcuts to later levels
-Made the blue ring location more obvious
-Redesigned some rooms

Version 1.2
-Fixed Graphical glitches
After numerous defeats by Link, Ganon steals the Triforce of Courage, as well as Power, and takes it to Crumsc, a small island south of Hyrule. Link sets off to recover both pieces and once again face his nemesis.
Tips & Cheats
The overworld contains 16 heart pieces and 3 bomb upgrades. Some are out in the open, others well hidden and guarded.

There is a bonus dungeon, requiring you to find clues to its location.
Moosh - Inspiration, and providing a link to La Mulana midis.

VGmusic and midi creators - For the music in the quest.

PureZC - The many tutorials that helped learn scripting