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Legend of Lana DX - Director's Cut

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Creator: Lunaria Genre: NES-style Updated: 19 Jun 2016 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 404 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (5 ratings) Download Quest
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Download the Music pack here: [Link] (extracts to the same folder as the quest is in!)
Download the Quest & Music in the same place here: [Link]

The original release of Legend of Lana was somewhat flawed, in this Director's Cut edition of it you'll experience a much more balanced and pretty looking quest. Furthermore, some additional content has been added to the game in the form of a couple of extra items and dungeons.

At it's heart, Legend of Lana is a quest that got inspired by Hyrule Warriors and the characters in it.
After seeing the NES overworld in that game and the sprites, I got quite inspired, and asked myself: What would it be like if you could play as Lana in Zelda 1? This is what the original Legend of Lana tried to be, going as far as using the original Zelda 1 overworld. In the DX edition of the quest a lot has been changed and expanded upon, including it's own overworld.

Items and enemies in this quest function very different from Zelda 1 and most Zelda classic quests. For example, arrows work on most wizzrobes and darknutz (assuming you don't hit their shields). You'll also have an unlimited supply of bombs and arrows once you have acquired them, though with the caveat that you can't spam them too much as they are on a re-charge timer. Lana also doesn't carry a shield, so you'll have to dodge more projectiles compared to Link. But your main weapon is also a ranged projectile that can multi-hit, meaning that you don't need to get as close to strike most enemies.

As of the DX version, this quest now comes with two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. Normal is the main experience that this quest was crafted for, and as such is the recommended one. Hard is mainly for those who have beaten the DX version, as it offers enemies that deal double damage as well as larger and more complex dungeon layouts, sort of like a second quest, if you will, but without the overworld scrambling.

In regards to other features this quest offers:
  • Nine main dungeons
  • A couple of hidden bonus dungeons
  • Around two maps worth of overworld
  • Stone collecting side quest
  • Achievements
  • Retro tracker music OST
  • Bad jokes
  • Puns
Updated 1.1 Changelog:
Cia has used her time and space bending powers to kidnap Link! Take on a adventure to save Link as the up-beat sorceress Lana, blasting enemies with magic while seeking out the eight pieces of the triforce of power!
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Designer and Producer
  • Lunaria Stalis
Beta Testers
  • Reimu
  • Mana
  • Shane
  • Moosh
  • Reimu
  • Lejes
  • Colossal
  • Moosh
  • Jamian
  • Dwarlen
  • stdExtra
  • Saffith
  • Mero
  • Justin
Extra dungeon tiles
  • FireSeraphim
Additional art Music Credits
  • See individual file
  • vgmusic.com
  • The Famitracker Community & Developers